Friday, September 5, 2008

school blues

I'm not very pleased by the education system. Maybe it's a reflection of me as a father and teacher. Maybe the failure is mine. The secondary education my children received (living in the nicest part of the Southern California County and having the attend the highest-rated school) was/is disappointing.

The school administrative staff requires stiff prods to get anywhere. 

1.1 Student has a problem
1.2 Call the school counselor (my first point of contact)
1.2.1 Call the counselor (no response)
1.2.2 Call the counselor (no response)
1.3 Go to the school and ask to speak to the counselor.
1.4 The counselor is out.
1.5 I'll wait.
1.6 The counselor won't be back until tomorrow (it's 2pm) 
1.7 I arrive at 0730. The counselor arrives at 0800. I wait until 0930 to be ushered into the presence of the counselor. A uniformed security guard is standing by.
1.7.1 I suggest that the guard leave us to discuss a student's problem.
1.7.2 The counselor suggests that the guard is there for her safety.
1.7.3 I suggest that if I wanted to do anything, there is precious little the guard could do to stop me (guard is an aging black lady who is exceptionally overweight).
1.7.4 Guard leaves of her own accord.
1.8 I discuss the problem with the counselor and she signs all the paperwork necessary to address the problem - to get me out of the office.

2.0 Then I had to go to the Superintendent of schools and things got even more complicated, requiring another run-in with incompetent security staff, etc. Finally a discussion with the Superintendent and a resolution arrived at.

The problem was solved through being a jerk. Being nice means that they treat you like every other pathetic victim that is trying to get a fair shake for their kid(s). I started by being nice. I ended up by being Scary Larry, but I hate it when things degrade to that point.

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