Monday, April 30, 2012

Time for Change?

Sometimes the race card gets a little old and tedious. There are a lot of people in the US who make a princely income by race-baiting and by living through incendiary speech and through vitriolic hatred. Most of these people are not white, but are members of so-called minority pressure groups. These are the same people who were hugely disappointed when a mixed-race man became President of the United States because it made a lot of their bluster look foolish. 

The reality in America is that poor people don't pay much. The poorest 50% of Americans pay no income tax at all. 

There needs to be a fair form of taxation that doesn't punish job creators and doesn't blunt success with unfair taxes. Sadly, one look at Hong Kong's flat tax would suggest that the Godless Communists have come up with a more equitable way to assess taxation responsibility.

It's not about race. It's about rational responsible apportionment of the duty of people to pay SOMETHING  to contribute to the nation. However, it seems to always default to race - to the argument that being non-white should entitle you to a free ride on the backs of others. This lead to the welfare state that we find ourselves saddled with where politicians buy votes from one group with money from another. AND have a vested interest in keeping poor people poor.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amazing Card Trick

So you think that you're fast with playing cards?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Am I "a victim"?

According to data compiled by the US Internal Revenue Service, only 85 million people actually paid Federal tax last year. That’s only 27% of the population. Yes, you read that correctly. Only 1 in 4 Americans paid federal tax. That means 3 in 4 Americans are getting a free ride on the Federal government. By comparison, 49% of Americans, 147 million people, live in a household where someone received benefits from the government. This means a tremendous class of people is being created who will keep voting for more government (and that means the Democratic Party).

Being one of those 85 million people who paid and paid large, I feel as if I might be a bit of a chump.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


He loves puppies and little children...
Everyone is familiar with the "selfish narcissist"--this is the type of narcissism we all know and don't love. With these people, selfishness and a preoccupation with one's own needs and desires are pursued at the expense of everyone else's and it's what is classically associated with the concept of narcissism. 

In society today a disguised type of narcissism is manifest that masks itself in selfless, compassionate concern for others, yet is really all about fueling the need to feel superior and to exert control and power over others.

This second type of narcissism is more subtle, but equally (if not more so in human history) destructive and dysfunctional as the first. It derives from an aggressive idealism/utopianism which is pursued despite the misery it causes in other people's lives; and despite the dead bodies it leaves behind. This malignant narcissism is always justified because it is "for your own good"; or, "for the common good"; or, "to make the world and people better." 

Along with the selfish narcissist (whose overt preoccupation is "ME, ME, ME!" and using others for their own aggrandizement and reward), the selfless narcissist ("LOOK AT HOW WONDERFUL I AM FOR MAKING YOU BETTER!") does not see other people as distinct individuals with needs and desires of their own, but only as fodder for the expression of some IDEAL; or as pawns to achieve the utopian fantasies of their own ideology. And because they think they are the "superior" ones who know what is best for all, if they happen to benefit financially, socially and culturally--all the better! They deserve it for their extraordinary compassion and good works. 

People with this malignantly narcissistic defect completely reject the needs of the individual and enslave him or her to the service of their ideal. Eventually, the enslavement--whether religious or secular--snuffs out human ambition, confidence, energy, self-esteem, and life. These mindlessly malignant "do-gooders" do far more harm than good and their ideologies can lead to genocidal practices and unbelievable atrocities on a grand scale, all in the name of an IDEAL or GOD.

At least the selfish narcissist is limited in the chaos and havoc he/she wreaks. But, the "really destructive maniacs of this world" are the ones who do it for your own good.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blowback from Ammunition Price Increases

The economy is driving this, please don't blame me or take it personally if you have any intentions of robbing me.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Spring Holiday

The Spring Equinox is associated with, or known as: Easter, Alban Eilir, The Feast Weeks and of the Passover, Eostar, Eostre, Feast of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Festival of Trees, Lady Day, NawRuz, No Ruz, Ostara, Ostra, Rites of Spring, the Vernal Equinox and 'Spring Break'.

There are two times of the year when the days and nights are about equal (12 hours long - depending how close you are to the equator). Depending on the side of the planet you're living on, it's a time for sewing or a time for reaping. And then there are the religious celebrations that date back into antiquity that also fall in this time period.

Historical Reference: As you might be able to tell, the name “Easter” was likely derived from Eostre, the name of the Anglo-Saxon lunar goddess, as was as the name for the female hormone estrogen. Eostre’s feast day was held on the first full moon following the vernal equinox — a similar calculation as is used for Easter among Western Christians. On this date the goddess Eostre is believed by her followers to mate with the solar god, conceiving a child who would be born 9 months later on Yule, the winter solstice which falls on December 21st. Because I was born in this (December) time period of the year, I suspect that my parents celebrated Easter in their own special way...

Two of Eostre’s most important symbols were the hare (both because of its fertility and because ancient people saw a hare in the full moon) and the egg, which symbolized the growing possibility of new life. Each of these symbols continues to play an important role in modern celebrations of Easter. 

From a personal perspective, there is a family tradition that we all gather and sing "Oschter Hawslein", which is the song that my great grandmother taught his children in Switzerland in the early part of the last century. The song purportedly brings the Easter Bunny to your home to bring candy, the beginnings of a Spring wardrobe and so forth. I don't know how long Niederhausers in Derendingen, Bern, Switzerland have been singing that song, but that family lived there (based on government records) back as early as 1400. 

So from my family to yours, Frohe Oschter Gruß!!

Take it as an excuse to indulge in good food, too much chocolate and to be with friends and family.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting out of town

A Response by RACE BANNON to this blog has prompted me to ask you, dear readers, which sort of recreational vehicle you'd prefer. I will offer several options:

(1) Mercedes Benz Unimog

ALL terrain vehicle you can sleep in. Can be equipped with specialized counter-zombie weapons for the Apocalypse.

(2) Earth Roamer

Glorified Ford Pick up with a cool camper on the back.

(3) "Surface Orbiter"

The photo speaks for itself. When the Zombies are taken over by an alien race which occupies their decaying bodies - maybe you need to think in terms of this rig? (includes radar) Available only in California.

(4) Sportsmobile

Customized Ford Econoline Van. 

(5) Winnebago

Better than the "Queen Family Truckster" (See National Lampoon's Vacation) but you'll definitely be branded as 'middle America tourist class'.

(6) Pakistani Bus  (Pakistani people and their livestock included)

The vehicle and your new friends speaks for itself - smells like sweat and curry inside but you'll eventually get used to it.

(7) Full Blown Greyhound style bus, coverted as a luxury land yacht.

You can't go off-road on it but it rides like it's on rails when you're on the freeway.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Kids - and Passing-it-On

I don't know whether or not I'm the only one. That's why I'm putting it up for your diverse Internet feedback.

For roughly the last fifteen years (since I was forty), my children have been laying claim to various items that I've acquired through my life as 'theirs' after I die. Keep in mind that I'm not sickly and have no plans to shuffle off this mortal coil anytime soon. Though it's true that you never can tell. 

Maybe it's the line of work I'm in or maybe it's just me - or maybe I'm not unique?

Yes, it's true that I do have some "cool stuff" and my sons-in-law (I have four girls) are in on the act, claiming this rifle, that knife, my wristwatch or the dragon ring that I wear regularly.....

However, shouldn't they wait until my mortal clay is cold before they fight over my stuff? 

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