Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting out of town

A Response by RACE BANNON to this blog has prompted me to ask you, dear readers, which sort of recreational vehicle you'd prefer. I will offer several options:

(1) Mercedes Benz Unimog

ALL terrain vehicle you can sleep in. Can be equipped with specialized counter-zombie weapons for the Apocalypse.

(2) Earth Roamer

Glorified Ford Pick up with a cool camper on the back.

(3) "Surface Orbiter"

The photo speaks for itself. When the Zombies are taken over by an alien race which occupies their decaying bodies - maybe you need to think in terms of this rig? (includes radar) Available only in California.

(4) Sportsmobile

Customized Ford Econoline Van. 

(5) Winnebago

Better than the "Queen Family Truckster" (See National Lampoon's Vacation) but you'll definitely be branded as 'middle America tourist class'.

(6) Pakistani Bus  (Pakistani people and their livestock included)

The vehicle and your new friends speaks for itself - smells like sweat and curry inside but you'll eventually get used to it.

(7) Full Blown Greyhound style bus, coverted as a luxury land yacht.

You can't go off-road on it but it rides like it's on rails when you're on the freeway.


WoFat said...


Race Bannon said...

Can I tow #2 behind #7? When the Zobmies attack, you may need a mobile domicile...a mobicile?

...I'm gonna see if the GSA will approve one as an "off-site."

Race Bannon said...

...the 'Zobmies' come just before the Zombies

LL said...

GSA will clearly approve ALL of them if they're willing to spend $820K for a party in least that's what the news would indicate. Tell them that one day you'll spin up a Group 1, and when that happens, you need to have equipment in place.

Anonymous said...

I'll take the glorified F150 with the cool camper on the back!

LL said...

You know, Anonymous, I would take #1, the Unimog. Not only could I drive where Zombies fear to tread, I could run them over should they find my sanctuary. The F-150 is Zombie fodder... IN FACT - if you go to State Parks in California, you'll find actual zombies in F-150's. BUT NEVER IN A UNIMOG.

Opus #6 said...

As I suspected, the UNIMOG was LL-style.

Azra said...

I'd go for the Unimog LL, just to push all the other rude drivers off the road on my way to work.

The luxury land-yacht bus sounds good to me too :)

LL said...

Opus - You know me too well.

Azra - Yes, if I was doing some sort of cross-country tour the land yacht would be nice, but if I wanted to turn off the beaten path and run down a road less traveled, I couldn't.

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