Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Roof of the World

On the Roof

Engineer Pass 12,800 ft. 
At the top of the mountain (behind), 13,400 ft.

The landscape in the very high country consists of "arctic tundra". This is one of the very few places in the USA where you see vast expanses of tundra. Even in the summer, temps are brisk.

Cinnamon Pass 12,640 Feet
(as you'll note from the mountains behind, it's the pass but not near the summit)

Ice Lake  (formed from melting ice) -  with ice still on it. I dared other to swim in it to demonstrate their  manhood - and would have dared WoFat if he had been along for the ride. None of them took me up on the bet.  (wimps)

At the End of the day, the Ouray, CO Fire Department took out a fire hose and washed the FJ Cruisers off. They all needed it.



Opus #6 said...

I guess the Ouray finest like to keep things spic and span in their town.

darlin said...

What an amazing view, it's beautiful!

That was mighty kind of the fire department, clean you up and send you on your merry way.

Oh, and did you go for a swim? ;-)

WoFat said...

Beautiful scenery. Splendid fire department.
Well done!

LL said...

Opus and WoFat - The FD did a fine service for all of our dirty rigs.

Darlin - No, I didn't go for a swim. I merely challenged others. I would have accepted the challenge to take a dip, but it would have required their matching effort.

It was a good time.

Azra said...

Ok, I see you've made it... in one of the previous photos I had my doubts ;D

Great views, and beautiful photos!

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