Sunday, December 18, 2011

Your Mexican Get-Away

This Mexican Police Training Video demonstrates graphically how they extract information from those that they arrest. The first portion is sort of strange, showing a guy who threw up on himself, but then it moves toward their operational procedures. Like it, don't like it. Watch it, don't watch it. It can be disturbing, however it's part of every-day police and military operations in Mexico. No scars, marks or bruising results from using a bottle of soda water and a dirty rag.

For those of us who work in Mexico, this is something that you see, and it's something that is done. It might be disturbing to those who are safe at home in a peaceful country that is not at war.

It's just another day in Tijuana.


Opus #6 said...

As bad as the soda-water boarding looks/is, and the other treatment as well, it is nothing compared to what certain other countries do to prisoners. Those prisoners are left with permanent disfigurement, if they survive at all.

LL said...

That's right, Opus. This isn't like pulling fingernails or breaking joints. And they get the same sort of quality cooperation.

darlin said...

It's hard to believe that these types of things transpire as I sit in my warm, comfortable home and know I can leave and go to the store without worrying about making it back home again. I realize just how blessed and fortunate I am living where I do.

I didn't even watch the first video, the second one is enough for me to realize how blessed I am.

LL said...

Darlin - If you're free to read this, thank a police man and a soldier. If you're able to read it, thank a teacher.

I know that sounds trite, but there is a lot that goes into making a nation free so that people can do what we all (including me) take for granted.

WoFat said...

It does sound trite, and it is true.

Just a conservative girl said...

And is it any wonder that people will give almost anything to come here? I don't blame the Mexican people from wanting to escape that country. I blame our country for not protecting the border and not making a workable visa system that benefits our need for low wage workers and there needs to escape the hell hole that they were unfortunate enough to be born into.

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