Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tue(ne)sday Review

Two-fer Tunes Tuesday.

The first entry comes under the rubric:

admit nothing
deny everything
demand proof
find a scapegoat
make counter allegations

I'm not one.


The next one is dedicated to the concept of rough sex as being something that can up the game.

However, I'm not a whore.


WoFat said...

Some people doth protest too much.

LL said...

I'm not a whore. I don't get PAID for sex.

Opus #6 said...

Tsk, tsk.

Azra said...

Maybe you should get paid for sex? Me thinks thou doth protest too much. *evil overlord laugh*

LL said...


Azra, Yes, that's what I think, but I haven't found anyone stupid enough to do that (yet). Maybe when I'm the evil overlord, I can change the rules? There has to be some perk for being the evil overlord.

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