Tuesday, May 15, 2012


One of the nice things about being fifty (mumble) something is that you have the luxury of actually knowing what you like and what you don't like. I'm not going universal with this post and won't be laying out which galaxy or nebula grabs my vote.

1. RECREATION - I like to have my back scratched. Absent a scratcher such as a butter knife or a long handled spoon, a door jam will do (yes, I can be a bit like an old bear rubbing up against his favorite tree.

2. SMELLS - I like to smell sage and pine. The mountains offer these fragrant reminders that it's not all automobile fumes and the odor of McD (cooked horse) wafting over the mall parking lots that exists in the world. I also love the smell of the ocean because it connects with me so viscerally. The smell of a new car comes next on the hit parade.

3. FOOD - While I am not opposed to fine dining, simple food is often the best. Eating outside in good weather is better than eating inside, and on the hierarchy, Mexican style cooking is high on my list.

4. HORSES - I don't own a horse, but I've had a few in my life and I like them. I like riding them in places not designated for horses, which is to say, far from the human stain. There is a companionability that horses demonstrate that I find appealing.

5. VACATIONS - I appreciate them more now than ever before, particularly where the company is fun.

6. MONEY - I've been richer and poorer and richer is better.


WoFat said...

When you're 50, you know what you like. I'm almost 70. I forgot what I like.

Opus #6 said...

That all sounds great. I second the motion!

Azra said...

Well I know what I like - but I've always been older than my years. I'll second the back scratching and mexican food :) Oh yeah, and I really do appreciate what money can do for me too.

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