Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Naughty Halloween

I think that this year (as with every year), strange fetish is the theme for Halloween parties that go down  on THE night (dia de los muertos) tonight.

Do you want to PLAY WITH NEMO

I can only hope that I'm not out of line when I say that girls want guys to be attracted to them because they appear to be any character from a Disney/Pixar film, really -- means that they are probably due for some counseling. Then again, this costume is less "Nemo" and more "Prostitute who murdered Nemo and is wearing his skin to entice johns."

Turtle Fantasy? This is the laziest costume that I have ever seen. Do you see the sad, tiny little turtle shell strapped to her back? The one that in no way corresponds to the shell pattern on her torso? And think about this: The Ninja Turtles didn't wear clothes. Look it up. Which means that her skirt is actually a part of her presumably grotesquely deformed turtle body.

Darth Mater - "LUKE, I am your MOTHER! 

Barbie-in-the-Box - You need to be blonde or willing to wear a blonde wig (because blondes have more fun) and even though you're not going to he able to stick your hands out and eat snacks at the Halloween party, if you fit in the box right - you may not be a snacker anyway. Though if you get drunk at the party and vomit, it would make a classic photo. (I see it going viral if you have a YouTube video of the event itself)


Opus #6 said...

Perfect for Halloween or Comic Con.

WoFat said...

Trick, or Treat. Depends on how you look at it.

LL said...

Opus #6 - I thought that Halloween WAS Comic Con - brought to the doorstep...

WoFat - Yes it does.

Azra said...

Halloween is just one huge slut-party here in SA. In ever sense of the word lol!

Juliette said...

Hahaha! Barbie in a box! Why? I like the vomiting notion though!

LL said...

Azra - The holiday is mostly for kids in the US, however among adults it's usually an excuse for excess. This year it fell mid-week so I think that it was tamer than the years when it is on a Friday or Saturday.

Juliette - Ah, an excuse for you to dress up as Barbie.

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