Thursday, April 11, 2013

Women's Issues

This story of laser treatment was carried on the evening news in Finland (video at attached link - above) and by the press in Mexico. Because it's a woman's issue, I felt that I should share what the news covers in Finland as sort of a public service here on My Journey. It's also apparent that the Mexicans have an interest in the same issues as the Fins do. Therefore this could be considered to be my cross-cultural outreach of the week.

For clarification:
Not this kind of laser.
Not this kind of laser either.

I never considered going into the laser business, however, the video has given me pause. I think that I may have wasted MY ENTIRE LIFE by undertaking other, less important pursuits.


WoFat said...


LL said...

Do you have a problem with Finland?

WoFat said...

I didn't know anyone lived there.

LL said...

If you watched the video, you'd see the typical Finnish woman doing what they do in Finland.

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