Sunday, August 18, 2013

Office Pranks

Do you have a boring job? Do your co-workers inspire you to prank them just because you can?

Find an old computer keyboard. There is likely one in storage somewhere in your office because people are packrats. Substitute that keyboard for the one your vacationing co-worker left behind when they went to Bali or Corfu on vacation. Seed it with clover or some other fast growing plant. Wheat grass also works. Water as needed.

It's better if you can find it at work, but a small investment in aluminum foil can yield big benefits. Simply stay after work and allow your creative juices flow.

The supply room at work likely has more post-it's than anyone will ever use. The example (above) is with yellow only post-it's, but they come in many colors and you should be able to indulge yourself in your creation.

Applying yourself will help you cope with workplace adversity --- and who doesn't have plenty of that?


WoFat said...

Then there are some people, being dragged away to the lock-up, who are still shouting at the arresting officers, "But it's FUNNY!"

Opus #6 said...

I can see that your coworkers had best hire a guard for their office while they are away on vacation.

Azra said...

lol, nothing like a few pranks to keep the office life alive!

darlin said...

The fun I could have working with you LL!

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