Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Waking up on Wednesday

Is the week half over or is there half of a week left? By Wednesday at noon, most of us have reached a tipping point. Wednesday noon hours are among my favorite because I've spend half of the week waiting for them. As that noon hour passes, and I realize that there is still half of a week ahead, I always feel shade of emptiness, and there is the draining influence of that passing moment. 

Living life always has struggles attached to it. Waking up on Wednesday always brings with it a sense of joy. It's nothing like waking up on Monday (portrayed right).

Maybe I like Wednesday because of the Norse implication. It's Woden's (Oden's) Day. Odin is the one-eye'd king of the Norse Gods who rules over the corpse hall where valiant warriors go when they die. There is that possible subliminal thing going on where I feel invincible on Wednesday?



WoFat said...

Wednesday feels like you're going uphill, or downhill. Whatever.

LL said...


Opus #6 said...

Wednesday has a special feeling, all its own.

Euripides said...

I'm more into Freyja's day than Woden's. Then again Norse goddesses have a lot more to offer than old men with one eye.

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