Saturday, May 9, 2015

Freedom and Spiritual Danger

The Human Condition:

We cannot be free without being free to harm ourselves. Advances in technology can remove physical dangers from our lives, but when it does, spiritual dangers increase. By spiritual danger, I mean danger to your integrity, your decency, your sense of life. 

Spiritual danger can not conquer you without your own consent. But once you have consented, those dangers are all-powerful because no outside force can come to your aid. Spiritual dangers are always faced alone.


WoFat said...

Leaping from airplanes, diving deep into the sea, etc. ad infinitum.

Oft uttered last words: "Oh shitttttttttttt!!!

LL said...

I've said that more than once...but apparently they weren't my "last" words.

WoFat said...

And may many moons pass before your last ones come.

jenny said...

For some reason, this is just now showing up in my blog reader-- so my reply's tardy-- but I agree.
90%, anyway.
I think God's still got our back and He helps us out in big ways, even when we feel like we're struggling with fierce and endless personal/spiritual battles alone. Sometimes he puts just the right people along the path to help us pull through the messes we've made.

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