Thursday, September 3, 2015

You may be Possessed

I never took the ice bucket challenge, though friends of mine did. I'm not sure what it was for other than just dousing yourself with ice water. However new facts have come to light as set forth above.


Adrienne said...

Of course it's satanic. Nobody in their right mind would douse themselves in cold water. I detest cold water with a purple passion. It takes me weeks to actually get all the way into a cold lake for a swim. When I was a kid, it would irritate my friends so much they would pick me up and heave me into the water. Satan was laughing!

LL said...

When I was younger, I swam in cold water for a living. Every time that I felt that cold water hit my nether regions, I said, "oh DAMN!" Now I realize that it had something to do with the satanic aspect of cold water.

Of course Satan (and your friends) laughed at your reaction.

WoFat said...

Some people will do anything. Any damn thing.

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