Wednesday, July 30, 2008

below the waves

When we reflect on where we've been, the path that led us to a particular spot at a particular time is always just about as interesting as the event itself.

In this photo, I'm suspended near the conning tower of the USS Cavalla (SSN 684) while working with SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team One on DDS training in the Sea of Cortez. Cavalla is a Sturgeon Class boat that was and apparently still is being used for a wide variety of special operations programs. She was the first of the Navy's boats to be fitted with a dry dock shelter for the Mark 8 SEAL Delivery Vehicle or "SDV".

SDV's are miserable contraptions to ride in for a number of reasons I won't go into here. Suffice to say that path, that journey, is in my past and while a cherished memory, was a pain-in-the-neck at the time.

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