Saturday, December 27, 2008

expanding waistlines - expanding family

This is a feature on my pregnant daughters 

-(Devin and Kelly at 4.5 months)-
-- & Alyssa

-(Braden and Amanda at 8 months)-
-- & Griffin


Opus #6 said...

Beautiful! Can she be 8 months already? Aren't you all so excited? A new baby!!!!!!

Oceanlvr4 said...

I look like a whale in this picture...and it sounds better when you say 9 months pregnant because technically a pregnancy is 10 months, not nine:)

Devin and Kelly said...

actually im 5 months but whatevea! haha love you

LL said...

having been chastened today, "Amanda is 9 months pregnant with one month to go to the BIG DAY!"

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