Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ways and Means

I had a contract set up with Goldman Sachs to represent them in China when the market failed. I was set up to work in Germany with Leopard (the company that makes German main battle tanks) on a consulting basis and a few other things when the market crashed and all my little consulting jobs fell apart like a house of cards.

The work for Pirelli may be coming back. The VP/Chief Legal Officer told me they miss me and he also told another friend (an Italian) that they're trying to get me back. It would be welcome work both because I enjoyed working for and with Pirelli and because the income would be helpful.

With unemployment climbing and every business cutting back, consultants are the first (and easiest) people to be let go.


Oceanlvr4 said...

That would be great if Pirelli hired you back for jobs here and there!

Devin and Kelly said...

patience is a virtue dad. lol and it is a 100% sure now that we are having a girl! so its back to the dolls and cute pig tails... its going to feel like a blast from the past! lol

WoFat said...

Hope you get the job and travel to far-away places.

Send postcards.

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