Tuesday, October 13, 2009


There's only one place to get news anymore, and it's not CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS or MSNBC, who have essentially caved to pressure from the White House and refuse to hold the Obama Administration accountable for their formidable list of serious blunders. If they really are blunders.  The principal American newspapers are just as much to blame.

Barack Hussein Obama has not been shy about pronouncing his intent to replace the America we know and love with a utopian socialist state. The lay-abouts and parasites love the idea that everything will be "free". And those of us who work will no longer find value in work, so maybe we'll go on the dole too.

Anyway, here's a clip from FOX News, the only reliable source of information remaining in America outside of the Internet.

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WoFat said...

At the risk of repeating myself . . .
Oh, to hell with it. Obama is a wonk, in fact, the Senior Wonk.

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