Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Halloween is coming and the weather is changing with the fall equinox. The question here is, "what are you doing for Halloween?" I'll stay home and hand out candy to legions of ghosts and goblins. I have neighbors who decorate elaborately. Their yards are turned into faux graveyards complete with faux spider webs and giant plastic spiders. I don't do that. I just hand out candy. 

I know people who condemn me for handing out candy to kids - claiming I am celebrating SATAN'S HOLIDAY. To those people, I say, "get a life".


Xmichra said...

oh jeez... satans holiday! lol.. what a riot!

All hallows eve is a pagan date, and has nothing to do with satan at all. crazy people.

I used to get all dressed up (usually in silly things like all white and a bible. because i was goth, this was dressed up lol) but now my focus on halloween has shifted to my kids.

So I get Kira dressed up and ready for winter trick or treating, mark takes her how ever far her little legs and ambition will take her, and i stay home and pass candy out to the munchkins.

We typically have a few decorations that go up (again, from my darker days. now it's decorative) and do the pumpkin carving.

I have been using the day as a potions day as well, making my own aeromatics.

The Black Widow said...

Um are you kidding me? OK LL thank you I have a list of what is wrong with this country and its growing...This I see second only to not being able to have christmas trees.... Ok I'm taking my kids trick or treating then we hand out candy....And I even dress up my little shitzu (last year he went as the devil) this year since he's black and white he is going as a member of kiss......

Can people have a since of humor any more in this country? or is that just gone.....

I hope you have a great Halloween......

The Black Widow

Teresa said...

These crazy people who refer to Halloween as Satan's holiday are bonkers. That's ridiculous!

I used to love dressing up as a clown at work. Now, I can't even hand out candy to kids. NO KIDS come to my apartment complex on Halloween. Oh well, more candy for me.

LL said...

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it's low key. I hate the holidays with great expectations that inevitably fall short.

You dress up, have a little fun, and pack the costume away for another year. Black Widow -- I need photos of the KISS Hound.

The Fien Family said...

One of the teachers I student-taught for was against Halloween...though I love her to death, she is one of those Christian people that takes things like that too seriously.

Red said...

I'm all about dat candy! It can't be Satan's holiday. Only a fun and awesomely creative God would inspire the creation of snickers and reeses cups. Satan eats boogers.

*fitcetera* said...

I'm dressing up as the woman in the cartoon.
Now that's devilish. ;)

It's the little poopsies that I love the most. One came to my house last year all covered in purple balloons ... a cluster of grapes. Too cute.

Opus #6 said...

We at MAINFO are candy-hander-outers from way back.

Kanani said...

I used to live in an area, where none of my neighbors celebrated Halloween. They were "christians" you see, and for them this truly was Satan's holiday.

Mind you, they were all fat. No doubt, they consumed Satan's treats the other 364 days of the year!

So let them be, silently bloating and quite possibly sinning(!) as they go through the 50 pack of candies bought on clearance the day after!
I love your blog.
The Kitchen Dispatch

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