Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spending Problem - Not Revenue Problem

I spend most of my life working for government. Some government agencies need to be paid well to provide services that can be had nowhere else. For example, having seen them in action, if I'm in an automobile accident, I want Fire Paramedics working on me - not the barely trained people who drive the ambulance. If I call 911, I want professional, well trained, motivated police officers to come to my aid. Professionals cost money.

However, when you look at the numbers of people who work in the social services game within county and local government (one example) - and you see what they're paid to hand out welfare money to the parasitic dregs of society, it chills the blood. (apologies to Darlin' who is in school.) Remember 1/3 of all people receiving welfare benefits in the USA live in California. Eliminating all long term welfare benefits and the workers that go with them would balance the state budget.

The prison guards in California have a powerful union. And they make nearly $100,000.00 per year! There is an imbalance here. But nobody in the legislature wants to take on their union or the teacher's union.


Opus #6 said...

Democrats say: Budget? What budget. We don't need no steeenkin budget!

WoFat said...

I don't want the union mad at me. They might throw a rock at my house." Yada yada yada.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should bring this up as it strikes a nerve. The state of Nevada is going through its own financial crisis and state employees (with the exception of prison guards and unemployment dept. employees) are required to furlough and/or have been laid off. However, the state employees handling the unemployment benefits are working overtime so that there will be no delay in the receipt and processing of unemployment claims. So in my feeble mind I'm required to furlough one day a month so that another state agency can work overtime to process the unemployment claims of those not working??? It makes me crazy!

darlin said...

LL I totally don't understand the system, one which I will be working in and trust me, I am going to work with helping people to help themselves.

Another thought, if social workers are so highly paid there maybe I'll have to come across the boarder to work, social workers here don't make much money at all... especially for all that is expected of them.

I'm not at all offended, it's like the government wants to keep people hopeless and helpless to create jobs. I would LOVE to be out of a job one day due to nobody needing help. Unfortunately it's not going to happen here in this lifetime.

LL said...

DARLIN: There needs to be a safety net for the poorest and for the sick and helpless. The problem with welfare in the US is that is pays well enough to be considered a "steady income" where having more children is rewarded by a higher dole.

In California, people are encouraged to go on and stay on welfare because it's job security for the welfare workers themselves.

ANONYMOUS: It's good of you to give up a day's pay so that other state workers can make more. A generous heart (and wallet).

darlin said...

I agree that there should be a safety net for the poorest and vulnerable. I do not agree that those who are employable should be encouraged to remain on welfare. Our govt. seems to be keeping so many on unemployment insurance, and now the new budget has cut educational dollars, what do they expect is going to happen? I'm no rocket scientist and I'm sure that it doesn't take one to figure this one out. Sad state of affairs LL.

A two class system is quickly transpiring right before my very eyes.

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