Sunday, April 4, 2010

Potato Salad

My wife makes it once or twice a year. But it's one of my VERY favorite things to eat.

When it's fresh and still warm (from potatoes cooking) it's best. Her potato salad includes potatoes, green onions, eggs, pickles, olives and bacon (with mayo, mustard, pepper and season salt).


And I scoop out some into a bowl, sneak off into my den and eat a bowl of potato salad as if it was a bowl of ambrosia (food of the Gods of Olympus)!

Family, extended family and friends will descend on the house to eat an Easter meal (which will include potato salad) before long. But now, it's me -- my bowl of potato salad, and the blog.


Opus #6 said...


LL said...

I took a brisk walk after gorging myself (sorta) on potato salad to prepare myself for the main meal.

Sometimes you have to plan things out like this in order to be able to eat effectively on this holiday centered on the massive family meal!

WoFat said...

This is the South, where Potato Salad came of age. As Many types of potato salad as there are potatoes.

Mashed potatoes, in its many forms, is also a regional dish.

darlin said...

I like your well laid out potato salad plan LL, you're so sneaky! But what a life eh? Does it really get any better?

Azra said...

Happy Easter LL!

Here in South Africa, we have Potato Salad quite often... maybe twice a month. People usually make it when they're having a braai (our version of a BBQ)... and braai-ing here is part of the SA culture because we have year-round good weather for it.

So people braai/BBQ very often... some every weekend! And with every braai comes the mandatory: Greek Salad, Baked Bean Salad, Noodle Salad (which is like potato salad only potato's are substituted with pasta) and Potato Salad (made like you described excluding the bacon)... hope your weekend's great! :)

Xmichra said...

We don't eat potato salad in our house, Mark has an aversion to it. I however, love it! So I envy you and your potatoey-goodness ;)

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