Wednesday, November 3, 2010

They're Gnarley

It's difficult to make a decision at times. In the run-up to Surfing's Triple Crown, there were two surfing competitions today on Oahu, Hawaii. The IHC competition at Sunset Beach and the Longboard competition at Makaha (other side of the island) went down today in surfing conditions that were described as 'gnarley'. 

I started out at the Banzai Pipeline, sitting in the bowl section, watching a few rogue surfers hit the right slide. Then moved to Sunset Beach, where I found a parking place - dead center on the IHC competition. It rained a bit, but sitting on the sand, watching some very good surfers ride gnarley waves proved to be transcendental. 
The waves yesterday peaked at about 35' and were deemed unridable so the competition didn't open then. They waited a day for this morning when the waves were running under the 20' mark. Still, they were big and as an armchair surfer, I spent four hours out there. ###


Opus #6 said...

Did you take these pics? They look professional.

darlin said...

I'm curious as well Opus, it's looking like LL just might have a new camera he's not telling us about! LL did you get a new camera? These photos are fantastic, the one of the pirates ship was another wonderful photo, so please do tell.

That's insane, 20' waves and out riding the waves, I only say that because I've never tried surfing nor got the 'high' from it. Four hours in the sun... I hope you don't burn easily.

LL said...

Not my photos...

You need a serious telephoto lens to capture the action.

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