Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Climate

h/t Dale

The planet we live on (Third Rock from the Sun) has been "warming" and "cooling" over geologically large periods. This is a cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It's a hot summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Does it mean that the planet has 'given up'?

Two sets of data on temperature change have been examined during the last decade. One used changes in tree rings; the other used thermometers. Both showed a rise in temperature until the 1960s, when the thermometers continud to record a rise and the tree rings did not. Scientists abandoned the tree rings data and the now-disclosed faked information indicating that we are on the verge of a global melt-down was spread conspiracy-fashion between some key researchers to forge their agenda.

I don't think that we should abandon conservation. Keeping pressure to use renewable resources and sustainable food supplies is responsible.

But I don't think that Al Gore saved the planet - not just because he's a nut, but because there is a financial agenda driving people like Gore and it has nothing to do with responsibility. Its only goal seems to be to enrich its proponents.


WoFat said...

Every day L.A. seems to make the weather news. What are you people doing over there?

LL said...

The weather is clear today. I hope that's not news.

The rain yesterday was especially fierce because the ground has been completely saturated.

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