Monday, December 20, 2010

So Cal Lifestyle

There is a joke -- but it's true, so it's not really a joke -- that whenever it rains in Southern California, the place goes into panic mode. The weather is usually near perfect so any deviation from the norm is news and it sets people back into reality mode.

Some guys are being pulled by a car, 
wakeboarding in a flooded section of town.

The water here is about three feet deep.

I live on the side of a hill such that water drains off into places such as the one above (it has to stop somewhere).


Opus #6 said...

Never pitch your tent in a low spot (Boy Scout Wisdom).

LL said...

Never spit into the wind (an old Navy proverb).

The Watcher said...

And here I thought we were unique in southeastern Wisconsin for putting electrical and cable junction boxes in depressions so they'd be inundated when there's heavy rain.

But I bet I'm STILL the only guy you know who lives in a city with engineers who are convinced water runs uphill!

WoFat said...

New Orleans and the Gulf Coast are the home of rain. Where old rain clouds go when they die. If CA saw 10 inches in an afternoon, there would be trains pulling out on the hour, crowded with refugees from Hollywood, et al.

Darlene said...

I'll keep the snow.

Canadian proverb "Never eat yellow snow"

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