Saturday, March 24, 2012


My FJCruiser is not a daily driver - however, 5 years and 50,000 miles later there have been some great times with this rig.
I didn't pay any attention to signs.
I made new friends like the late, great Mike Paulson, who died of cancer 12 months after this photo was taken.
And I broke a few rocks along the way.


WoFat said...

50,000 very interesting miles.

Azra said...

WoW. You should come here and trek through the Kalahari desert. Or through the Karoo...

darlin said...

The mileage is low for having it (Cardinal sin calling your FJCruiser an "it" but for the life of me I can't remember the name! My apologies) for 5 years, that's not very many miles per year for a 'normal' vehicle, but for this one it's a lot of miles. All those miles of fun and you've put it to the test that's for sure. The first photo is amazing, did you take it?

RIP Mike Paulson.

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