Monday, June 4, 2012

Don't Supersize Anymore

A friend of mine told me that the City of New York made it illegal for businesses to sell large beverages cups full of whatever to customers. I thought that the person telling me this had to be exaggerating.

As it turns out that is precisely what New York City Mayor Bloomberg did.

So if you're going to New York City and you're thirsty, simply order two drinks... and throw both paper beverage cups away, doubling the pollution that New York Mayor Bloomberg works so hard to ignore. Link to the story HERE. Keep in mind that sugary drinks are targeted, BUT only carbonated drinks fall under the law (not milkshakes, malts and smoothies). You can purchase fruit juice in as big a cup as you'd like, irrespective of the sugar content.

The law is stupid and if consumption of sugar is that bad (as a diabetic, I have to watch that closely - so I'd agree that it's bad simply because I'd like to see everyone as miserable as I am), then all Bloomberg is doing is the moral equivalent of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and hoping the ship won't sink.

If Bloomberg is going to ban large sodas, why not include the phosphoric acid that every soda is laced with? It’s industrial waste being fed to us in the form of a food additive to make food taste 'tangy'. New York could ban all phosphoric acid - canned and bottled beverages would all vanish from shelves... but New York learned first hand how well prohibition worked in the 1930's, instead of the mob smuggling in alcoholic beverages, they'd be trafficking in coke - no, not cocaine - coke.


darlin said...

I totally agree with you LL, it's a stupid law. Like you said, just order two, and ruin the planet a bit faster.

This is the first time I've laughed out loud at a blog in a long time... when you mentioned that you love to see everyone as miserable as you are, that cracked me up. You're hilarious LL and I respect your blunt honesty, funny but honest. :-)

Have an awesome week.

Opus #6 said...

Are there not fast food joints in the areas surrounding NYC? Bloomberg is doing what libs do best. Attacking business and freedom.

Race Bannon said...

Its laws like this, that have made NJ what it is...yah, blame NYC!

Is he going to do anything about all the heroin his city exports?

WoFat said...

Speaking as the world's skinniest fat man, I agree with Race. Blummie isn't worried about a little dope, as long as he can corral the dreaded sugar.

LL said...

Darlin - You get the TRUTH in this blog.

Opus #6 - Bloomberg is simply a liberal. He feels that more regulations are what is needed to deal with every human folly.

Race - Bloomberg wouldn't do anything about heroin because the mafia controls a lot of that traffic and they're major contributors.

WoFat - As soon as the sugar lobby contributes to Bloomberg, you'll see him quietly drop the matter.

Azra said...

This was on the news last week sometime. I agree, there are certain food additives that should be banned too.

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