Thursday, July 4, 2013


There isn't anything much more American than a hamburger surrounded by a pile of french fried potatoes.

If you add fireworks and Nascar, you're right at the beating heart of the nation.

Independence Day is my favorite holiday of the year because (1) I don't have to buy everyone that I know, gifts; (2) The decorations can be put up and brought down with relative ease; (3) I like picnic food better than banquet food; (4) It's warm and I can wear shorts and a t-shirt (though I can do that every day in Southern California, I haven't always lived here); (5) I like fireworks, a day at the park with a live band playing songs from the 80's blended with patriotic songs; (6) I have 20 people coming by the house to eat today - including much of the police department who work day shift, drifting by to grab a snack. It's informal and I like that sort of holiday; (7) The kids spend most of the day in the swimming pool rather than running underfoot complaining that they're bored.

Fourth of July at my house has become the thing to do for relatives and in-laws of children because the house is large, the pool is large, the food is plentiful and good and I live a short walk from the park for the late afternoon music leading to fireworks. 


Opus #6 said...

No parking problems going to fireworks? Sounds perfect. You guys have fun.

darlin said...

Sounds like the ideal way to spend a holiday, too bad all holidays weren't this easy... mind you they could be!

Hope you had a blast LL and yes I'm envious that you get to wear shorts and a tshirt year round!

WoFat said...

What a neat way to spend the holiday; having a heart attack.

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