Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer and Swimming

4 year old Alyssa likes the pool

It's summer in the northern hemisphere and tomorrow is Independence Day in the US of A. I'm going to be splashing in the swimming pool with the kids/grandkids and hosting a rather large BBQ where about twenty people will be descending to eat and celebrate with fireworks after dark.

Cannon prefers a waterpark...and always meets the cute girls

Yes, Griffin meets cute girls too, and you can tell my grandson because he has the camouflage swim trunks.


WoFat said...

Our son and his wife came up here for the week. We'll go out for lunch tomorrow, to celebrate our 41st Wedding Anniversary. Can you imagine being married to ME for 41 years?

There's been talk about sainthood, for her.

darlin said...

WoFat are you buying your wife a gold medal for endurance? ;-) Happy Anniversary!

LL the photo of Alyssa makes me go "ahhhh", quite the shot and what a brave wee girl to be diving in like that!

Naturally your handsome grandsons would attract the pretty girls, they take after their G'pa!

Happy Independence Day.

LL said...

Saint Judy...41 years?

Darlin, thank you.

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