Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Warm-Up

Are you stuck for ideas for a Halloween costume? Here are some home-made suggestions that utilize items that you may have laying around the house.

And for the kids


Opus #6 said...

These are cute!

WoFat said...

I usually comment on your blogs, but I can't think of anything to say about this one.

darlin said...

WoFat that's too funny!

LL I can see you trying out the top set, just cause you can and when you do please share the photos k? This I want to see! Yup especially the last one, what is that an emu? lol


LL said...

Darlin -- epic failure. It's an ostrich. I thought that you'd see that right off ;^) (no, I can't tell an ostrich from an emu either)

Azra said...

Little Frida is adorable. So what or rather, who is it to be LL? Or have you given up on the dressing up a long time ago?

LL said...

I'm in Hawaii, Azra. Maybe I'll wear a grass skirt? Or maybe not.

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