Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hiring Family

I know, I know, the old axiom is that you shouldn't hire family members to work for your company. People of different ethnic persuasions file it under cronyism.  However when you raised them from age 0, you do know what you're getting.

Therefore Emilie became my Executive Administrative Assistant.

Normal Day

Going to a meeting Day

Thank you Emilie for being a great Exec. Admin. Asst.!!!

One of the best things is that I can call her sweetheart, lovie and Emmie without being inappropriate. I can also tell her that she looks good when she does. (Which the female lobby discourages in a corporate environment - I am allowed to tell them that they look very average or to not say anything at all.)


Brighid said...

What a beautiful admin asst you have.

LL said...

I have to admit that she favors her father.

WoFat said...

She's GOT to take after her mother.

Brighid said...


Euripides said...

You are a very lucky father and employer.

LL said...

The young men at work all want to get on my good side and at the same time, they're terrified of me.

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