Saturday, October 18, 2008

Where's Greedo?

"Greedo" is an Anna's Hummingbird who spent the summer in my back yard. He dutifully guarded the hummingbird feeder and did his best to defend it from other hummingbirds. I called him Greedo because he was as big as a sparrow, having feasted on nectar until he was large (and slow). 

Now he's gone south for the winter and the hummingbirds who are visiting are not the local bunch I got to know. They're in transit themselves. 

I hoped that Greedo would stay through the winter with an inexhaustible supply of nectar in the feeder, but nature calls and that's just how it goes. Maybe Greedo will return in the spring, maybe not. 

I like hummingbirds. I just do.


Oceanlvr4 said...

I laughed and felt sad for you when I read this...poor dad! I know Greedo was your favorite:)

LL said...

The other hummingbirds don't have the same appeal that Greedo did. He'd attack me when I took the feeder down to fill it. When I fell into the pool by accident, Greedo circled over me, either laughing or concerned if a hummingbird can be either. Greedo made it fun to sit on the patio because he was such a funny bird.

WoFat said...

puqnSummer is Hummingbirds beau coup. Gallons if sugar water and 2 - 4 feeders, depending on the traffic.

We're down to a few passers by, now. They're chirping about the big time they'll have in Costa Rica.

Opus #6 said...

Hummingbirds are great. We had a little nest of 2 here a couple of years back. Adorable!

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