Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Arrival

0250 HRS This date: I woke up, feeling a strange sense of disquiet - not at all ominous. I walked down stairs and into my den.
0256 HRS My son-in-law, Braden called telling me that my daughter, Amanda was just admitted and that she's in labor. Griffin, my first grandchild is on the way.

Her due date was 25 JAN 09 so he's more or less on schedule. Her pregnancy was nominal to profile, which is to say all of the pains and delights of the experience came more or less as they have to billions of other mothers with no serious complications.

Now it's a waiting game.

I'll take a shower, throw some clothes on and drive down to the hospital to see how she's coming along. 


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Devin and Kelly said...
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Devin and Kelly said...

yay! i cant wait to go see them all tonight. blah i hate work!

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