Thursday, January 29, 2009


(a summary of my new book for those who follow my blog)

White Powder is a story of star-crossed lovers who come together quite by accident in a tale of intrigue, set in the CIA's Secret War in Indochina in 1961. The novel does not blink in its portrayal of the echoes of timeless tension between political expediency and moral imperatives, which lead to choices with enduring consequences. The politics of opium and heroin intertwine with the cold war as competing national interests threaten to tear young love apart.

US Army Special Forces Captain Craig Burton leads a reconnaissance team, successfully infiltrating areas under near total enemy control. Walter Kennedy, a shifty, manipulative, CIA case officer who prefers to remain in the shadows plays a game of both-ends-against-the-middle to benefit himself. Charlotte Sabon, tempetuous, impulsive, with a hand in the family opium trade falls head over heels in love with Burton, for whom she has plans of her own.

The author combines his own vivid experiences to create a compelling view of real events in a fictional setting. The characters pop off the page as you delve deeper into the world of White Powder where governments and drug empires collide.

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