Friday, January 9, 2009

New Novel

I'm working on my new novel - and am determined to see it get published.

Will take you through the CIA's Secret War in Laos, the dark underworld of Union Corse, the powerful Corsican Mafia and the seamy backwater of Indochina.

Stay tuned for updates and clips from WHITE POWDER.

Chapter One:

"Infiltrating the Corsican Mafia is like trying to ram an apple up a rat's ass. I don't think you have anything to worry about." -- Walter A. Kennedy, CIA Case Officer

Chapter Two:

"Problem sir." Gorman said, pointing down at one of the dead men. "They're Kuomintang Chinese, not Vietnamese or Laotian. Nationalist Chinese uniforms."

"What are they doing here?" Burton asked himself, still taking in the carnage he wrought inside the building. "Whatever it is, I'm sure it has to do with Opium." --Captain Criag Burton, US Army 77th Special Forces, White Star Mobile Training Team, Laos

Chapter Three:

"I quickly and eloquently stick the .45 into Mamasan's mouth and said, "You've got a .45 in your mouth."

"She blinked, 'yes'."

"The music snapped off. Everybody with a mind left was listening to the best of their ability because they were vicariously interested in why mamasan would want to have rough sex with me." - Master Sergeant Sam Willoughby, US Army Security Agency

Chapter Four:

"To my two favorite passtimes, killing and fucking." Raising his glass, Walter Kennedy saluted his invisible friend.

"Killing produces the same satisfaction that accompanies masturbation. What did you say? Yeah, you're right, carrying a gun is something like having a permanent hard-on. Ok, I'll admit that it's a strange rite of manhood -- killing becomes like sex and sex becomes like killing." -- Walter A. Kennedy, CIA Case Officer


"Living with a woman from Chouzhou is like living with a dragon that requires tributes of gold to keep her satiated." Ming nipped at his drink, then finishing it. Glancing furtively for the next one, he ordered again.

"Love and  suicide are just like different sides of the same gold coin, which makes me think of an old school Japanese woman. They're the most twisted creatures on the planet but one of those ladies would take my mind off my problems." He popped a few fried grasshoppers in his mouth from a bowl that sat between them."

"Until Mrs. Wu Ming found out." Burton offered.

"She'd slice my fragrant stem from my body while I slept. She's a Chouzhou woman and she has a reputation to maintain." -- Communist Chinese Rezident Wu Ming, Guoanbu (State Security Ministry)

Chapter Five

"He withheld information that was critical and in my book that's worse."
"Ever been in love Henry?"
"Plenty of times. What's that got to do with it?" Henry became defensive. -- Section Chief Henry Dastrup, CIA, Vientiane - Laos

Chapter Six

Her eyes rose to study him, wondering how and when he would ask her to make love, no, to have sex. That's what it would be with this man. Pure sex. And she would take him; it would not be the other way around. She knew he would offer no pretty words to woo her, no false promises uttered. And then he was in front of her, his hand out for hers. -- Charlotte Sabon, Union Corse


Opus #6 said...

Ooo, ooo, ooo! I can't wait to read it. You know I love the cloak and dagger stuff. Just make sure you don't make characters like anybody you know. LOLOL!

LL said...

There is a disclaimer with the story that any resemblance of characters living or dead is purely coincidental.

WoFat said...

" any resemblance of characters living or dead is purely coincidental."

Pretty much anyway.

LL said...

If anybody find a resemblence.... they won't be living for long. --Al Capone (or some such)

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