Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Snowstorm in the Middle of the Mojave Desert in March.
My daughter, Heather, was cold.
Cross-country in the Mojave Desert.
Hell Freezes over (Hell's Gate, Arizona)

Soda Lake (near Baker, California)

Off camber on a steep hill (Arizona).


darlin said...

What fun! I love the photos, especially the blizzard. It reminds me of our weather here, the sort of weather which makes me wish I had a vehicle just like yours.

WoFat said...

As long as there are books to read, history channels on the TV and computers to play with – I can't think of any reason to go into the desert.
Especially in the snow!

LL said...

The road less traveled does call to me. I want to jump out of airplanes, dive deep in the ocean, tramp through fetid swamps.

Unfortunately I'm in my mid 50's and riding around in my truck will have to do.

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