Sunday, January 23, 2011

Family Do'ins

Griffin (above), age 2, is destined for great things - 
*Playing Baseball at the US Naval Academy 
(the process begins above)

Griffin's mother (my daughter) almost NEVER allows him to eat sugar, but in a rare moment, captured above, he feasts on a doughnut.

Cannon, waits in the hanger -- soon to hit the runway. Then Griffin will have a baby brother.  

3-D photos of babies in-the-womb are cool and make me wonder how anyone could assert that these children are not alive and therefore could be aborted/murdered without a second passing thought.


WoFat said...

Said it before, I'll say it again – cue kid.

darlin said...

LL it's hard to believe that Griffin is already two, wow where is the time slipping away on us? Griffin is so cute, I love the photos!

The 3D ultrasound photos are unreal, I was amazed when I got to see my granddaughter before she was born. It's so exciting to see the unborn child developing! When is Griffin's baby brothers estimated arrival date?

LL said...

The Ides of March, Darlin...

Opus #6 said...

I see that you have another adorable addition to the family on the way. Coming here my cuteness cup is running over.

darlin said...

LL I'm looking forward to photos of the new bundle of joy and of course photos of Griffith holding his little brother. Congratulations Grandpa!

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