Friday, August 12, 2011

Swimming Pools (an evaluation)

I've never been a huge fan of swimming pools mainly because they're expensive to build, expensive to maintain and because I always end up paying the bills and doing a lot of the work. Yes, I know that makes me sound cheap and lazy. These days, I have the work done. (making me sound even lazier)

However there is an up-side to swimming pools. It draws the kids and the grandchildren to the house to hang out and play. Like the cheese in a trap. Add some BBQ hamburgers and it's a near certain thing that they'll come by.

I installed a removable pool fence (in background) for the sake of safety. The two-year olds can be crazy when water is near. Alyssa, like most children, is drawn to water and mud. Fortunately the pool doesn't have muddy water in it.

In the final analysis, the pool is worth it all.


Xmichra said...

We have a hottub, but would love to have a pool. Yes, the maintenance isn't something to look forward to - but the use would be. Both my girls love the water. Bella is 2 so she can't go into lessons until next summer (silly little slash lessons, not hardcore levels or anything) and Kira is almost eight and today will be wrapping up her level 3 swimming badge. Both are very good in and around water. I always tell parents that swimming lessons are awesome, just for the respect for the water that the kids get from it. So much safety training goes hand in hand with the cool splashes and dives. it made a huge difference with Kira for sure.

LL said...

X - Safety is paramount with the water. And the skill sets stay with you throughout your life. It sounds as if you are right on top of it.

darlin said...

LL there are some things in life you just can't put a price tag on. Seeing your photos and reading the love in your word choices tells me this pool is definitely one of those things.

And I will get there one day, don't get rid of the pool! LOL

Alyssa sure has grown since we've last seen her here, she's so adorable! We are both blessed LL, extremely blessed. I hope my kids get busy soon so that my granddaughter has other little people to play when we all get together, if not Grammy (as she called me this past week) will just have to keep on entertaining her! ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend and get out there and enjoy that water, it looks so inviting!

WoFat said...

My pool is (mostly) filled in with rocks and dirt. I don't like swimming pools, having had to put up with one for YEARS.

Azra said...

That pool looks very inviting! And I love to swim :) The good news is that it's warming up here... 24Centigrade today. Not bad for the end of winter. Now I really wish I could swim *sigh*

LL said...

No matter the winter, there's always Spring and a coming Summer, Azra!

WoFat - I simply use it as an inducement to have the kids come and visit.

Darlin - It never freezes in Southern California so I can't use it as an ice rink in the winter...

Rebecca A. Maynard said...

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