Saturday, September 17, 2011

Attacking "AttackWatch"

There have been several different versions of this sort of thing that the Obama Administration has put forward in an attempt to have people denounce their friends and neighbors to the government. The latest is Attack Watch at, the official website of the President of the United States. If you feel that somebody is saying something unfavorable about the narcissistic fool who occupies the White House, you should let him know, and this is the currently in-vogue method of doing it. The red, white and black color scheme harkens back to the days of the Third Reich. Now THEY knew how to turn in their neighbors. (Americans can be so pedantic)

I know (from reading the attack watch website) that it's somehow wrong to say anything unfavorable about the President's policies. Here is a trivial list of things that the current regime in the White House would prefer that you not speak about.

(1) Unemployment is as high as in America as it was during the Great Depression, it's only going higher and flawed government policies are exacerbating the situation. Just because it's true, doesn't mean that you should say it.

(2) Criticizing the Democratic Party's so-called "Stimulus Bills" is frowned upon. Yes, it's true that we've spent roughly a trillion dollars on 'stimulus' and it didn't do much but put large fortunes in the pockets of the Democratic Party faithful, but saying it is somehow 'wrong'.

(3) Denying that "Green Energy" programs are effective and desirable will get you reported to the government through Attack Watch. Never mind that the ones that the government funded (cronies of the President) seem to have all gone bankrupt to the tune of billions of dollars - "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, I am Oz the great and powerful."

(4) Expressing outrage that the US Government facilitated shipments of many thousands of firearms to drug cartels in Mexico (Operation Gunrunner) and concern that it goes all the way to President Barack Hussein Obama himself might get you denounced to the President, personally.

(5) Voicing concerns about the President's illegal alien relatives is bound to get you listed on Attack Watch. Aunt Zeituni Onyango, the famous welfare cheat and Onyango "Uncle Omar" Obama, the drunk driver who hit the police car recently, who was ordered to leave the United States as an undesirable alien a decade ago and went underground. When the police arrested Uncle Omar, he called the White House. I think that he called for bail money, not to turn in the police officers who arrested him as being "fishy". However, I have no first hand knowledge.

(6) Merely supporting a rival candidate for president may be enough to get you reported. The criteria are very vague, but be assured that the people you're reporting will be added to the enemies list and you will get credit for the denouncement. I'm sure that you get money for reporting these enemies of the state. Maybe payment comes in a small brown envelope, in cash? Money like that (free from the President himself) is bound to stimulate the economy.

(7) If you watch Fox News, do you qualify to be denounced? I suggest that it likely the case, but since the list of people who denounce and the criteria for that denouncement is secret, I don't know. Just to be on the safe side, you're better off watching an organ of the state such as MSNBC.

(8) Since it's not Vice President Joe Biden's 'rat point', I don't know if you can list people there who voice concerns that poor old Joe (Slow Joe) might be senile. However, when in doubt, denounce!

Hitler has the last word on the subject.

 (as usual)


WoFat said...

Shades of "1984."

Opus #6 said...

I have availed myself of the attackwatch twitter handle. I reported all those who attack unborn children.

LL said...

Obama is a goof-ball. The whole Attack Watch thing simply has been turned into a political joke where he is the butt of the humor.

The melodramatic Nazi colors, the White House involvement, etc. People suggest the same thing that WoFat observed: Shades of 1984.

But maybe Obama will win and one day I'll wake up to find that I love Big Brother. (unlikely)

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