Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bare Naked Ladies in Newport Beach

I hit "A Taste of Newport", which is sort of a street fair where restaurants from Newport Beach, California showcase some of their food. 

The Bare Naked Ladies played as the headliner. As you can see from this photo, the crowd was not particularly 'young'. But they rocked as best they could. 

With the economy being down the way it has been the police were vigilant. Nobody wants a replay of the Lido Island food riots. The police closed down the bridge and nobody could get in to clean the bottoms of the yachts and the domestics weren't able to change the sheets with fresh linen. It was a crisis. (yes, I'm kidding)

There was no excuse to leave the party hungry.

Summer is over. A Taste of Newport reminds us that soon the cold will sweep down from the north and even though people will still be able to wear t-shirts and shorts at midnight without discomfort, shorter days will make it difficult to keep your tan at the precise shade you desire.


WoFat said...

Boom Boom Wacky-wacky- DingDingDing. Etc.

LL said...

WoFat - That's about it.

Just a conservative girl said...

DC does ours in October. I love going to the Taste of DC. It is always a great deal of fun.

LL said...

Good food, some music, and hanging out gives us something to do with our time.

The best part about any public event such as the Taste Of - gives me the opportunity to people watch.

Opus #6 said...

With a title like that, I feared this was a Rule 5 attempt.

LL said...

Opus #6 - What's not to love about food and bare naked ladies? (haha)

darlin said...

LL I'm laughing at your last comment you made, now that's funny! I suppose it depends on the quality of food and the shape and size of the bare naked ladies as to how much you would love your experience. :-)

Carry on... or should I say rock on?

Have a great week!

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