Sunday, September 18, 2011


My brother died in an automobile accident when he was 27 years old. Losing him nearly killed me. Saying that long farewell to my brother, 18 months younger, hurt deeply. More than words can express.

People talk about the connection between brothers - that bond that binds them together, forged by blood and by mutually shared experiences. I see it in my two grandsons, growing up together.


darlin said...

LL I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. I'd be devastated if anything were to happen to one of my sisters. Even though as we've aged we're not quite as close as we once were, the ties are still amazingly strong.

Your grandsons are so adorable, it's fantastic that they have each other to grow with. Did Amanda take these photos? She sure takes some wonderful shots and she couldn't have a sweeter subjects to take photos of!

Opus #6 said...

These boys are so adorable. They must cause global warming of every heart they touch.

It must be hard to forge on after the loss of your beloved brother. Deepest condolences.

LL said...

Darlin - they are Amanda photos. As their mom, she has all of the great opportunities to catch them at their sweetest.

Opus #6 - They are quite a bunch of gremlins. And Amanda hinted that they're planning a third (hoping for a girl) in due time.

Azra said...

I'm very sorry for your loss LL. If he was anything like you, then I'm sure your brother was a stellar guy. Here's hoping your grandsons will be able to share that bond for many years to come.

EvoDrone said...

Missed this a couple weeks back.

-Nice post is all I can come up with

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