Thursday, October 13, 2011

Football Scouts - Start Here

I'll admit that C. Larry doesn't look like a first round draft pick at the moment, but by 2030, this kid will be in high demand.

And the girls will be swooning from here to Dallas - presuming that the Cowboys are smart enough to pick up his contract. I'll allow him to date the Cowboy's cheerleader of his choice. 

One of the best things about being a grandfather is the opportunity to armchair quarterback your grandchildren's lives. Will the grandchildren do what you suggest? Doubtful. However, much like fantasy football, you're able to enjoy the game without having to get any 'skin' in it.

I don't think that being a grandfather is better than being a father. One is simply an extension of the other, except that I think you appreciate the fleeting moments more.


darlin said...

LL your grandson is so adorable, he's got the most amazing blue eyes. I highly doubt that he's going to have any problems with those cheerleaders, they'll be all over him even if he isn't in the game.

Please tell Amanda that these photos are stunning!

Race Bannon said...

America's Team...

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