Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Prep

My grandson, Liam, at 2 months (in a bunny suit, if you can't tell). I don't know how much trick-or-treating will be accomplished on Halloween with Liam. More of a photo op at this age.

Liam's Mother, Heather, is living with us while her husband is deployed to Afghanistan. Therefore Liam is a regular, where other grandchildren simply visit.


WoFat said...

Hey! You got a kid on Trick or Treat. Cool.

Opus #6 said...

He is gorgeous. And that suit will keep him nice and warm for whatever Halloween activities he and family decide to do.

darlin said...

Liam is so adorable, I love his little bunny suit. I can see pride and joy written all over your face, it looks good on you LL.

Azra said...

He's absolutely gorgeous LL. I would have said that I want one, if I didn't babysit my cousins kid this past weekend.... so cute but so much work lol ;P

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