Saturday, October 8, 2011

Reflection and Action

Atonement and repentance are the theme of Yom Kippur (today). It's also a day when the Jewish people ask for forgiveness from people they may have slighted. The concept of approaching people sincerely and forthrightly and setting things right to the extent that you are able is the first step in atonement and repentance. One must do the same with God. 

Life is short, and we don't own the next second of breath. All we really have is those moments that have passed. Humanity is fallibility. So taking a moment to reflect on the past, on the future, on our relationships, on those around us and on our status with them and with God, is important.

This blog has its bawdy side, it's political side, and its personal side. And perhaps today, a moment of reflection is appropriate - maybe every day? The message of Yom Kippur is not merely to acknowledge the need for atonement and repentance but the need to take action in that regard. The first is much easier than the second. 

At least that was Kurt Cobain's take on it - before his suicide.


WoFat said...

Well, yeah, I guess people can become famous by killing themselves. Rather a pointless exercise I would have thought.

Opus #6 said...

The children and I apologized to each other in the car ride to synagogue last night. And forgave each other. Done!

darlin said...

Does this mean that I have til about 11pm to do my dirty deeds, and still have an hour to repent?

I like the song, what a waste of a life. Who knows what another person goes through til you walk a mile in his shoes, or live an hour in their mind...scary though.

Azra said...

Our version of Yom Kippur is called Lailatul Baraat. All the same... it's also the night your new "book" with God is laid out and your year ahead is established.

Forgiveness is good and encouraged on any given day though :)

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