Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A day at pre-school

Sometimes I have to take off the super-suit and just be Clark Kent. I know that's shocking to you blog readers, but it's true.

Alyssa (age 3) is in pre-school while her mother works at her law office. Last week I took a morning to visit her at school. Little girls have a way of getting into Grandpa's heart.

After some classroom work, we had spaghetti (as special meal that the kids helped make). I wear a gold ring with a coiled dragon on it (kyokushin third degree black) that some of my friends also have. Alyssa is obsessed with the ring. She didn't want to eat her spaghetti. She wanted to play, and who wouldn't. I told her that I'd let her wear my ring but if she did, she'd have to eat her spaghetti like a dragon. Keep in mind that she just had noodles in her bowl, no sauce. So she agreed, and wolfed down the lunch.

Alyssa (with her Aunt Amanda and cousin, Cannon) loves so swim even more than go to pre-school. Her favorite films are "How to Train your Dragon" (thus the importance of the dragon ring) and "Tangled.


WoFat said...

Oh, to look forward again with a dragon in mind.

Azra said...

I remember that swimming pool pic - wow Alyssa has grown!

And now I wish I could have Spaghetti, which won't happen - gluten allergies and all that :P

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