Friday, September 14, 2012

Glen Doherty RIP

WOBURN, Mass. - A Massachusetts woman says her brother was among the Americans killed in an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya.

Kate Quigley said in a statement Thursday that Glen Doherty "lived his life to the fullest." Quigley spoke outside her mother's home in Woburn, north of Boston. She asked for privacy while the family grieved "our American hero."

Three Americans were killed at the consulate in Benghazi on Tuesday along with U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. The State Department has not publicly released all their names.

Quigley has said in media interviews that her 42-year-old brother was a former Navy SEAL who was worked for a private security company.

Family and friends, as well as Woburn's police chief and State Rep. James Dwyer of Woburn stopped by the home to offer condolences.


Opus #6 said...

So sad and unnecessary. There should be no unfortified embassies in dangerous parts of the world.

WoFat said...

More good guys down.

Euripides said...

The current administration holds a senseless and cavalier attitude toward the real dangers facing Americans living abroad. Why would those such as Glen Doherty not be given the tools needed to secure the consulate from invasion? Oh, that's right. Because the current administration believes in a policy of appeasement rather than a policy of strength.

Race Bannon said...

These security contractor jobs are too tempting. I'm pretty sure I will never find myself in one, as I've seen what happens (Blackwater) when they do what needs to be done, and the people whose lives were saved, end up being witnesses for the prosecution. The Libyans (and most in that part of the world) don't respect human life. They fear power, they may choose to fight it, but they fear it. The US Department of State has no problem cutting big checks so to have some sheepdogs protecting them, but when the pack of wolves comes, its time to bite, not hide. I wonder if Doherty was even armed.

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