Saturday, September 22, 2012


One for all - All for one!
Griffin #3
Today the Temecula Diamondbacks (D-Backs) took on the Temecula Athletics in a fierce game of T-Ball. 

As with all T-Ball contests where the team members are three years old, there is a lot of confusion. However, it all counts in the right direction. 

T-Ball is one of those stages in a child's development where they are all truly all-stars. I'm not one of those people who pronounces that 'everyone is a winner', but since the goal here is to build sportsmanship, help enhance and refine coordination skills, etc. and generally let the kids have a good time - they all win.

However, if you asked Griffin who won, he would tell you that the D-Backs showed the Athletics how it was done downtown!

Home Run #3!!!

Cannon, waiting for two more years so he can stand behind the plate!


WoFat said...

And the line shines on.

Race Bannon said...

Gotta love those D-Backs uni's. I once agreed to assist coach, when I saw coaches got real hats!

LL said...

The coaches here and the kids wore the AUTHENTIC hats. One of the kids was even spitting sunflower seeds. How much more authentic can you possibly get?

Azra said...

Wonderful pics LL. I can't help thinking that Griffin takes after his Grandpa :)

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