Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Should buying a LIGHTBULB be a Legacy Purchase?


I have just returned from Home Depot where I bought two Ecosmart LED overhead flood lights. I went with LED in the hopes that they'd work out better than the florescent lights inside the floodlight case that simply don't put out enough light to allow you to read a book.

After installing the light, I found that it put out just about the same dim light that the florescent light did. So I've been taken for a ride. Let me share the love that I feel for Ecosmart, the Green Movement, for a light that requires a lot of manufacturing energy (which sort of defeats the movement to reduce energy) to create, etc.

In today's enlightened postmodern world, you have two choices. Piss-poor florescent or light emitting diode (LED). Incandescent lights are illegal in America thanks to crusaders and heroic green advocates like former Vice President Al Gore - alleged creator of the Internet and sell out to Al Jazeera. There are no more incandescent lights that are bright and inexpensive. Our children will grow to adulthood thinking that a light just can't be THAT bright. Maybe they'll believe that their forefathers had better night vision? Who knows what tales they will tell?


The price tag for these LED Floods (I picked the less expensive) runs from $29.97 each to $54.95 each. I know that you're saying. A flood light and it's only $54.95 for each light. What a bargain! That's not what I said, but what I said isn't printable. Two lights = $59.94 + $4.80 (California Sales Tax) = $64.74


For those of you who haven't felt the fickle finger of fate buying this Chinese made crap, the sales pitch is that while each light is horribly expensive, it will last 23 years. I can suggest two absolute truths in this regard. (a) There is an almost 100% chance that I will be dead in 23 years; (b) There is a solid 100% chance that I won't be living in this house in 23 years. Best case scenario, I will be eating soft food, sitting on a bench and feeding pigeons all day. Worst case, worms will be feeding on me all day.


Maybe the Chinese are thinking that these are legacy purchases where the lightbulbs will be handed down father to son to grandson to great-grandson. However, I harken back to the day when I could buy a frigging incandescent light that put out more light (lumens) and cost under $5.00 each. I know that it's not very progressive of me to think in terms of incandescent lights - which can't be sold anymore.
US Government legislation has mandated that light bulbs must be 30% more efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs by 2014, and by 2020, all bulbs must be at least 70% more efficient. My feelings toward this green move are not printable other than to suggest that the people behind this could care less about the people who are governed by their legislation.
It is a truism that almost any sect, cult or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so. - Robert Heinlein (Author)


Opus #6 said...

I wonder if people with documented vision problems or a doctor's note will be allowed to buy incandescent bulbs. Or maybe they will have to resort to a black (bright?) market?

LL said...

Opus#6 - I don't think that the Green Initiative thinks that seeing in dim light is enough reason to sacrifice the 'entire planet' over. And that's the way they view the situation. Yes, it's absurd. But that's the way that they roll.

WoFat said...

I agree with all the things you can't say about the "green"movement.

LL said...

WoFat, it's hard to embrace scammers when they are son intent on picking your pocket.

darlin said...

LL sounds like you're going to have to put your new light (dim) bulbs in your will. It's getting irritating to live in darkness or dimness; first off we only get about 8 hours of daylight a day currently, then on come the dim lights and the cost of lighting up a small house is astronomical. I'd rather pay the extra $5 in energy charges and be able to see, never mind spending $30 on a light bulb which doesn't light up my home at all.

I feel your frustration on this end, it's a good thing I know how to make myself laugh at all the insanity and not become one of the insane with all the crap going on in this big ole world.

LL said...

Darlin - One day I'll drive to the dark, cold and forbidding north and load up on contraband lights and bring them back here. Or, I can drive two hours to Mexico and get them there too. Just not here.

WoFat said...

The future: People in Federal Criminal Court for the purchase of a light bulb. "Sorry sir, but it's the electric chair for you."

Race Bannon said...

Little angers me more than this...the subtle way Atlas Shrugged is becoming reality. Only she would never have guessed Cina's role. I want to drag every congressman into my kitchen, which looks like an operating room it's so bright, and scream at them, "You call those accent lights!"

LL said...

We are living in Atlas Shrugged, my friend.

LL said...

WoFat, I'm going to make a run for the border and buy a bunch of contraband lightbulbs in Mexico to see to my needs. It's illegal to purchase those bulbs in the US but possession isn't a felony -- YET.

I'm not at all proud of what we've become.

Average American said...

Between these atrocous dim bulbs, and that even worse corngas crap tha DESTROYS everything you put it in, I'm ready for a green "revolution"!! Not their kind of revolution either. I am SICK and TIRED of libturds wrecking everything good to make themselves feel better.

How much am I bid for a few hundred 100 watt old fashioned bulbs? Sure wish I had been able to get 60 and 75 watters instead. The 100's get too hot in most lamps.

darlin said...

LL let me know when you're heading this way for your light bulbs, I'll put the perogies on. Try getting those in Mexico. :-)

LL said...

Darlin - In Mexico, they call Perogis "tacos". With sufficient hot sauce and cerveza, it's not that easy to tell the difference. If you can still taste the difference, switch from cerveza to pulque. That will seal the deal.

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