Thursday, January 24, 2013

Survival in the Canadian Wilderness

The testimonial goes to show that you don't need a large caliber handgun to save yourself if you're lost in the Canadian wilderness.


WoFat said...

He has a point.

LL said...

Since reading that, I have a far better understanding of Canadian firearms laws. You really don't need anything larger than a .22 pistol or even a potent slingshot using this scenario.

darlin said...

When I spotted Alberta in the article you posted here I even sat closer to my computer to read the smaller print. You had my undivided attention for about 10 seconds and you do realize this is 10 seconds of my life I'll never get back don't you? LOL Mind you this 10 seconds could potentially save my life, just because it doesn't look like he has a gun I still can't trust men in the woods. There goes the trust issue acting up again after working on it for this past 7 years! ;-)


LL said...

Darlin - I posted this up because of you. I know you live in the cold North where bears roam free.

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