Thursday, May 23, 2013

Half Life

I came up with the idea for the novel, "Half Life" about three years ago, in an effort to do something unique in a Science Fiction market that seems to consist of people copying each other--where most people still fight with swords 10,000 years in the future or in a far-away galaxy.

Brief Teaser

In a dystopian oligarchic future, a warrior father returns home for a son that he’d left behind.

On a distant world, a girl child, not wholly human, is born to physically share the dreams of that boy.

Its beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind. You experience a type of epiphany when that someone wants to undress your conscience and make love to your thoughts and watch you slowly take down all the walls you’ve built up around and let them inside.

In order to enjoy science fiction you must first suspend disbelief. There are a lot of people who don't enjoy science fiction because they have difficulty with that disconnect, however, I maintain that a well written story that connects with people is interesting no matter what genre that it is written in.

What if you dreamed someone else's life while you were asleep and they dreamed your life? What if you were starcrossed to meet? And what if one of you was pledged and honor bound to kill the other? That is the core of the plot and while there are other story arcs, it is that sharing that this book attempts to imagine and explore.

I hope to have the book complete and edited by the end of summer at the latest.


WoFat said...

We await the new novel, with breath baited.

LL said...

The only way to take bait off your breath would be to remove anchovies from your pizza.

Opus #6 said...

Human nature remains, even if man inhabits other worlds.

LL said...

Opus - That's clearly the move that all SciFi stories make and mine is no exception.

Race Bannon said...

...but if the swords were...laser swords, that would AWESOME. Oh, and the dream stuff is cool too.

Is the hardest part of writing getting started, or finishing?

WoFat said...

Race: I don't know about LL, but for me the start and finish of a novel presents no problem - it's all the stuff in the middle that's hard.

LL said...

Race, at the moment I'm on a roll with the book as the plot develops toward the conclusion. Coming up with a concept in SciFi that isn't copying everyone else is a challenge. I did a lot of research and found that this particular story isn't a retelling of somebody else's.

Part of it is universe building. Because I work with people at Cal Tech in their space science program, I've run the "alien atmosphere" and almost every bit of science past them for their input. It's science fiction but there is a remarkable body of scientific fact that underpins the volume of "what if".

LL said...

WoFat - yeah, that stuff in the middle is a beast.

Race Bannon said...

WoFat - I figured there's plenty of stuff in your head, or written down, for the middle part - but trying to grab interest in the beginning seems difficult (I've STARTED reading more books than I've finished...), and ending it so it gets wrapped up, and remembered - that seems hard.

LL - That is why I liked Oblivian - it was different, while not too hard to wrap your mind around.

darlin said...

I don't think that I've ever read a SciFi book and finished it. I look forward to yours, I want to see if I can start and finish it; if I do it's going to be a first!

Where do you find time to write LL? You're always doing something or another and here you are busy writing at the same time. Do you sleep? ;-)

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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