Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I lost a bet

I lost a bet.

How could I loooooze?

Betting has consequences and though I almost never lose, I did this time. Which means that I have to pay up. So I am (as set forth below). I usually avoid these Internet - things I love posts in much the same way as I'd avoid living in a yurt with a homicidal, tuberculin, yak herder, feeding on whale blubber, north of the Arctic Circle. 

But a bet is a bet.

I love waking up in the middle of nowhere with a horizon that seems to be a million miles away, and watching the sun peek over the globe of the world to a brilliant blue sky and a new day.

I love the company of people I cherish – friends and family. Nobody needs to speak (thought they almost always do) to make the experience complete. Mere physical proximity is enough.

I love making things orderly and harmonious. Yes it’s an obsessive thing. Whether organizing clothes in my drawers, my gear or a project, order brings me peace.

I love to learn. My mind is usually quite active and learning to me isn’t a matter of being one up on anyone else. It brings me deep personal satisfaction. I love knowing not just how but WHY things work.

My favorite sounds are the crack and roll of thunder in a summer storm, the sound of breaking ocean surf and laughter, not necessarily in that order.

I love overcoming a challenge. Perhaps this is what brings me the greatest inner satisfaction. The bigger the challenge, the greater the satisfaction. Especially if nobody else has done it yet. If Sir Edmund Hillary hadn’t climbed Mount Everest, I’d be there with a Shirpa trying to do it.

I love to encounter -  travel and to experience new tastes, sights, sounds, and the wonder that comes in my own soul as I meet new cultures and ways of looking at the world.


Opus #6 said...

I thought you weren't a betting man. Well I'm sure this seals it.

LL said...

Never bet with your kids. They usually have the inside track.

WoFat said...

Had you ever been dropped on your head when, you were but a child.

LL said...

WoFat - yes, likely. But as with the President, Attorney General and Secretary of State, I have no recollection.

Race Bannon said...

Don't worry, the Boy Scouts are changing too...

LL said...

Yes, Race. When I was a Boy Scout, they didn't embrace sodomy as a principle in the oath.

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