Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's Cheaper than a Real Warship

The puns keep on coming with the ads for the new computer game, "Leviathan : Warships". I'm not a huge computer gamer, but there are times when I like to immerse myself in strategy games in the hope that the world around me will vanish for a while while I solve the problems of a make-believe universe. 

I enjoyed Harpoon because it felt as real as a computer simulation naval game can feel. Will I buy Leviathan Warship? I doubt it -- no matter how cheap it turns out to be. Even a small dose of reality in a game of strategic problem solving means more to me than the arcade does. Bring back the reality and I'll throw my money into the void (with the knowledge that no electrons will be hurt by my actions.

BUT I do think that the trailer is funny.

USS Leviathan (US Naval Institute Press)
archive photo


WoFat said...

USS Leviathan: One of the reasons for the Clean Air Act.

darlin said...

The trailer is funny. If you didn't put this on your blog I would have clicked off of it within 10 seconds. I'm not a gamer, never did quite grasp the concept of saving the world. Some days I have problems saving myself, never mind the world! We all have our various forms of escapism, mine just don't require commercials. :-)

Have a wonderful week LL; weather here is finally gorgeous and I'm sitting her not wanting to write, but write I must; the sooner I get to it the sooner it's going to be done so into the abyss I must go!

LL said...

I'm simply trying to keep my ship real, Darlin.

WoFat, It rained here yesterday. Can you believe THAT. RAIN? I moved here to the beach so that I wouldn't get wet again -- (with the exception of a hot shower). Luckily for me, it was warm rain.

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